The Art of Letting Go – 2

The Art of Letting Go - 2


We’re constantly being told to push away our emotions, ‘suck it up’ or jump on the panic bandwagon. In this session, we'll be exploring not how to make anxiety or other unpleasant feelings go away, but instead how to learn to live with them, alongside them, in relationship to them. What we need to be reminded of is that these feelings, these emotions, these thoughts are not wrong, and nor are we wrong for having them.

In life, we suffer not because of what we experience, but because we are constantly in opposition to our experience. Trying to change it. Trying to make pleasant states remain, and unpleasant states go away. By learning to truly be with our experience, fully, unconditionally, non-judgementally we are able to reliably access this quality of presence in our lives, we so often seek, but so rarely find.

'Letting go' in meditation means releasing the tensed grasp we've already applied to something in our experience unconsciously, not applying yet another tension to battle against the first.