Relating to Experience as Energy


Although the labels we use to categorise experience can be useful at times,  experientially speaking all there really is, is simpy energy. Emotions for example are simply energy in the body paired with a particular conceptual framework. They are the body and mind pumped full of energy to address certain needs. When you don't get to use that energy in response to a problem, you are often left with it in your body, built up with pressure. This then feels like sadness or anger for example. But åultimately these labels are not the full truth. They are convenient partial truths, half-truths. But as useful as they can be at times, our tendency to reify them into static states brings with it, its own set of problems. We need to be able to get beyond  the labels we place on our experience and get back in touch with the raw experience itself. We need to let go of tendency to compartmentalise our experience into parts and get back in touch with the whole context itself, which can at best be described as a kind of movement of energy in our being.