Why Actor’s NEED Script Analysis

Our job as actors, is less about making ourselves feel than making the audience feel and we do this primarily by attempting to affect the other person in the scene. In a sense acting is about trying to affect change. In order to do that we need to know what to DO, not what to feel.

Actors – Lower Your Expectations

Actors, it is time to lower your expectations. Let me be clear here, lower your ‘expectations’ not your ‘aspirations’. Having a goal is a tool best used to make things into a kind of game, not a competition

Actor’s New Year’s Resolutions

“New year’s resolutions for actors are a good thing. The secret is you have to treat them as a commitment, and work failure into the equation.” Want to know the secrets to setting successful New Year’s resolutions?

When Acting Techniques Breakdown

What do we do when acting techniques breakdown? And is there any point in learning them in the first place? In this post, Dan explores the usefulness and limitations of Acting Techniques and how to make them work for you.

Artists are NOT Entertainers

The main goal of the artist or performer is not to entertain. This is a misunderstanding borne of ignorance. It is not to simply help an audience escape its reality. This is in fact the opposite of the artist’s role.