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Acting Teacher - Daniel Bradford

Daniel Bradford is an actor, director and head acting teacher of 'Mindful Acting'. He is also Artistic Director of critically acclaimed theatre and film production company Play With Fire Productions.

Dan's approach to teaching is one of unwavering compassion and commitment to the students he is working with.  As Sanford Meisner said, "That which hinders your task, is your task", and this is the approach he takes towards the natural psychological barriers that prevent actors from reaching their true potential, instead of shaming someone for not understanding immediately.  His perspective on acting and technique is that by integrating all other acting disciplines with the principles of Mindfulness, one can begin to truly understand what works and WHY it works for your individual mind. We can then discard the things that are unhelpful while investing further in the practical skills that lead to great acting and freedom in performance.

He regularly coaches people on not just how to get the most out of their acting, but also how to get the most out of their lives, through their relationship to acting.  He believes that the only way to lead a fully present and fulfilling life in acting is to develop a sustainable approach which takes your whole life and happiness into account, not just your external markers of career "success".

What is Mindful Acting?

At Mindful Acting, we don't just see wellbeing as something separate to acting to help with stress management, but as integral to the very craft of acting itself. We learn how to integrate mindfulness and actor training the same way voice and movement are integrated. Here we teach mindfulness as it was originally intended; not as a bandaid, but as a pathway to emotional, psychological, and physical freedom.

We believe under the right guidance and context, the experiential exercises developed by generations of actors and acting teachers can help people of all backgrounds to access their inherent presence, self-worth, creativity, vulnerability and authenticity. 

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Practical Aesthetics

What is Practical Aesthetics?

Practical Aesthetics (PA) is an acting technique developed by the director and playwright David Mamet and actor William H Macy. It was developed as an antidote to the confusing, inaccessible and shame-inducing acting approaches, often promoted in mainstream actor training. Its goal is to provide a practical approach to acting. Its ethos is simple and effective and is an essential tool for anyone who feels they have never had a truly reliable and systematic technique from which to approach any and every script.

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